B-Corp Strategy

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Eco Global Manufacturing




Eco Global Declares Commitment to Social Good 


Providence, RI: Eco Global is proud to join the growing 2,100 Certified B Corporations from 50 countries and over 130 industries working together toward one unifying goal: to redefine success in business. For Eco Global that success can simply be defined as an unwavering commitment to social good. With a focus on helping the environment with innovative bio-based foams and creating US jobs in underserved communities, Eco Global is already driving positive change in the neighborhoods in which it operates.


“We are pairing our commitment to the environment and social good with foundations that share the same values,” said Jim Stallman, President and CEO of Eco Global. “This strategy helps everyone. Our foundational partnership charities raise funds, their supporters get new ways to donate, and we create US jobs in underserved communities.”


Eco Global is poised to launch several foundational partnerships in the coming months that help everyone from Veterans and First Responders to Homeless shelters for women and children. Eco Global is innovating a means to support worthy organizations by helping them raise funds and in turn create a pathway for workforce training for dislocated employees. “We are starting to have an impact locally. I think it is important to start helping right here at home, but there is no reason we can’t help people all over the world.” Stallman said.

Eco Global’s B-Corp strategy is a new one in the United States where companies commit percentages of their profits to support local underserved communities.


About Eco Global Manufacturing

Eco Global Manufacturing is a 75-year-old family run business that specializes in designing, manufacturing and fabricating foams and gels. Eco Global has been an innovator in bio-foam technology replacing petroleum products with renewable plant based resources. In addition to the environmental commitment, Eco Global is also a Certified B-Corp committing profits and jobs to help underserved communities. For Information, visit: http://EcoGlobalMFG.com.