Eco Global Pet - Chew'ems & New England Naturals



Chew'ems - A New Kind of Chew Toy

The revolution in Non-Edible Chew Toys has begun! Chew’ems redefines a category that has not changed in decades. What was once a piece of splintering nylon, has been re-engineered to be a safe, healthy and engaging toy. Made with a proprietary blend of nylons, minerals and vitamins, Chew’ems are guaranteed to flake and not splinter. Each bone is loaded with healthy ingredients that are essential to your dog’s health.

New England Naturals

These simple and wholesome treats are made right here in the USA with locally sourced ingredients and designed with your pet's health in mind. What makes these treats truly special is our B-Corp status. As a for benefit corporation, we donate a large portion of our profits back into the community.  We support shelters, animal rescues and lots of great organizations committed to doing good everyday.